v1.2.0 Release notes

Major new features

Simulation metrics

Now you can keep track of what’s happening in your simulation with Prometheus. Get started with metrics now.

Faster iterations with our cross compiler

The cross compiler greatly speeds up the build process, meaning you can code, build and debug faster. Read the docs to boost your workflow.

Usage changes

  • Added new member functions: “sqr_magnitude” to vec2f and vec3f.
  • Added new member functions “sqr_magnitude” and “closer_than” to geometry.
  • Unified the “vec2f” and “vec3f” interfaces. See the API reference for details.
  • Unity version 2019.4 is now recommended for the Unity Plugin.
  • Generic netcode: Entities can include a field to determine if net relevancy should be performed.
  • Clean build can now be performed from Visual Studio.
  • The Physics demo now has example collision metrics.
  • Installation no longer requires BMI2.

Bug fixes

  • Fix “spawn_cell_level_offset” being ignored.
  • Account phase barrier time in the correct phase.
  • Install crash handler earlier in initialisation, before user code is called.
  • More reliable detection of SSH in the installer.
  • More comprehensive logging in the installer.
  • Fixed broken documentation links.