Testing Your Installation

In this section we demonstrate how to perform a local run of one of our supplied demos.


Please download the SDK from Hadean Web Portal and install if this has not already been done. Ensure you meet all of the prerequisites for the SDK as listed here Prerequisites. Additional information may be available in the installation instructions.

Running a demo locally

The Aether Engine SDK comes packaged with a basic PhysX demo - it is an optional component installed by default. Ensure that it is not deselected during installation.

Step 1: Make sure Aether Engine virtual machine is running

hyper V manager

Step 2: Go to the Physics Demo Folder

physx folder

Step 3: Open PowerShell inside the Simulation folder


Step 4: Start the simulation

First you need to build the simulation.

aether build

Next run the simulation with the command:

aether run

Once the simulation is running the client front-end is needed to view the demo. Open the Visual Studio solution in the client folder called TutorialClient.sln

physx client folder

And simply run the client from Visual Studio

physx running

More information regarding the Physics demo can be found here

To stop the simulation, go back to the Powershell window and press Control+C and N.

stop sim

Known issues

  • Issue: When connecting the Physics client you receive an error stating that a debug assertion failed.

    Cause: The client failed to connect to the simulation either because it was not running or was not yet ready to accept connections.

    Resolution: Reattempt connecting the client once the simulation has completed start-up.