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v3 - Release Notes


Usage changes

  • It is now possible to set a different resource profile for a background worker. This allows the CPU cores and RAM allocated to differ from that allocated to a Cell Worker. To ensure your simulations remain compatible with this latest version it will be necessary to update your static arguments set when initialising the manager, as shown below
// WAS v3.4
//static_args.cores_per_worker = "1/10";
//static_args.ram_per_worker = "8MiB";
// NOW v3.5
static_args.resources = {


Usage changes

  • Cell division now divides cells in half rather than into quarters / eighths. This serves to increase performance. Note that the side length of a cell is now longer determinable from the cell level, and the shape of the cell is not guaranteed to be square. Use the side_length property to determine cell size


Bug fixes
  • A bug where using the muxer::writer class and shutting it down could sometimes cause the muxer to crash has been fixed.


Bug fixes
  • A bug with aether metric --serve when run against a cluster has been fixed, allowing metrics to be exported from a cluster again.


Bug fixes
  • The installer now properly updates its version number on release
  • The aether::replication::client class' replicate_player_id method now correctly works, and is equivalent to having called replicate_player_id_with_token with a token that is a copy of the player ID.
  • The Aether Hunt 1 demo has been updated to work with WSL.


Bug fixes

  • The simulation will no longer crash when under load owing to a bug in the local channels implementation.


Usage changes

  • The provisioning scripts available on the portal now properly support deploying into multiple regions on both Azure and AWS.
  • Metric endpoints are now prefixed with /rest/v0. That is, /managers/metrics is now /rest/v0/managers/metrics, and /<ip>/exporter/metrics is now /rest/v0/<ip>/exporter/metrics.

Bug fixes

  • User config will now properly be made available to your simulation when running locally using the WSL backend.
  • The Aether Engine SDK will now work properly even if your default WSL distribution does not provide shell access.
  • The Aether Engine SDK will now work properly when the logs are not being written to the C: drive.
  • The Aether Engine SDK will now properly copy logs back from clusters when doing remote runs.
  • The Aether Engine SDK will now properly make shared libraries available to the simulation, even when using the WSL backend.
  • The Muxer will now no longer exit when any upstream server disconnects. It will still exit when the last upstream server disconnects.


Usage changes

  • Remove requirement to use MS Windows' HyperV virtualisation support to run the Hadean platform, instead supporting WSL2 with ubuntu. The removal of the dependancy on HyperV allows Hadeans SDK to be used on Windows Home edition installs.
  • Support for the aether build command within the Aether CLI has been removed. Aether Engine users should build directly with CMake
  • The SDK has been updated to enable the selection of a global version which will ensure that only compatible components are downloaded. This removes the necessity to manually select individual component versions.
  • The Muxer server plugin is now able to be compiled for a Windows OS target.

Bug fixes

  • You can now connect your backend server to the the Muxer without Aether Engine in your local runtime, without having to update the configuration file from within your simulation to do so.