Installing the Simulate SDK

How to install the SDK in your Ubuntu environment.
Starting with Simulate 4.1, the Aether Engine SDK no longer requires a Windows host running a guest Linux OS in WSL. You may of course continue to use WSL to host your Ubuntu Linux system if that remains your preferred setup.


Make sure your system meets the system requirements before continuing.
Install the Hadean Platform dependencies on your Ubuntu system as specified here.
Simulations should be compiled using clang-7and build configurations are provided via cmake. The provided build configuration manages package discovery viapkg-config and the Simulate Starter Pack are built with Ninja; all of these dependencies must also be installed.
To install these dependencies, run:
sudo apt install cmake clang-7 pkg-config ninja-build

Download the SDK

Download the SDK from Hadean Portal. A file named "aether-sdk-installer.tar.gz" will be downloaded; copy this to a suitable temporary directory on your Ubuntu Linux system. Installed files will be placed in ~/.hadean and you will be able to delete the installation directory once complete.

Installing the SDK

Run the following command from the directory containing the SDK tarball:
tar xzf aether-sdk-installer.tar.gz && cd aether-sdk-installer && ./
The above will install
  • The Simulate SDK (Aether)
  • The Connect SDK (Muxer)
  • The Platform SDK
  • Support for cloud deployments for Azure and AWS
After installation, you may remove aether-sdk-installer.tar.gz and the aether-sdk-installer directory to reclaim space.

Installation Locations

All of the Hadean code will be installed to your local users home directory the file layout will look similar to that shown below.
├── aether-sdk
│   ├── include
│   ├── lib
│   ├── repclient
│   ├──
│   └── share
├── deployment
│   ├── aws
│   ├── azure
│   ├── init
│   ├── onprem
│   └──
├── muxer-sdk
│   ├── autoscaler
│   ├── common
│   ├── muxer
│   ├── muxer-server
│   ├── netcode
│   ├── protocol
│   └── repclient
└── sdk
├── bin
├── crates
├── etc
├── examples
├── include
├── lib
├── opt
└── share