Installing the Aether Engine SDK

Download and install the SDK

Download the SDK to get started. A file named "sdk.exe" will be downloaded, launch the file to begin the installation process.

Installing the SDK

Make sure your system meets the system requirements before continuing.
The installer will guide you through the process of setting up the Aether Engine SDK. You must first choose between "Express installation" and "Custom installation". Express installation will install the latest versions of the components needed to develop simulations and clients, and is recommended for most cases. Custom installation will let you choose specific versions of components. Refer to Contents of the SDK for a detailed description of each component.
The installation process will check that you're licensed to use Hadean Simulate, if you aren't signed in to your account you'll be prompted to sign in. If you don't have an account you can Register for the SDK to get started.
Once the installation process has finished, continue to Hello World to learn how to create and structure new projects.

Installing the Visual Studio extension

The Visual Studio extension is an optional component that enables debugging in Visual Studio 2019.
When installing the Visual Studio extension, you will be asked to choose a location to install to. After installation this location will contain the .vsix file that contains the extension, double click this to install the extension into Visual Studio.

Installing the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)

To run a local Simulate simulation in WSL you need to install and configure WSL for Windows 10/11.
> wsl -l -v
aether-sdk-wsl Stopped 2
An error may occur due to the absence of /mnt/c (responsible for the communication between the WSL and Windows). This error can be detected when performing aether run command. To solve this issue it is necessary to restart Windows.