Useful extras

These tools are presented without warranty. They're tools that Hadean use internally, we provide them for customer convenience, use at your own risk.

Parse logs

parse_logs makes Aether log output more usable. It's a command line tool for Linux, Windows or Mac.
Hadean logs are designed to be machine readable. This tool makes them more human friendly. It can be used directly against a log file, can stream data from a pipe, or tail a file.
On windows using pipe can fail on SIGINT (ctrl-c), try redirecting logs to a file then tailing the file.


parse_logs [options] ?file1? ?file2?


parse_logs --err log.out : only show error messages
parse_logs -tp log.out : hide time and process output
parse_logs log.out -inc tick log2.out : process two log files in order filtering for "tick" in message
cat log.out | parse_logs -ex "^[3-5]" : Read from piped file content , excluding lines starting with 3/4/5
aether log | parse_logs -ex "^[3-5]" : Read directly from aether log output, excluding lines starting with 3/4/5
parse_logs --tail log.out --proc 32 : tail log.out just showing process 32 output