Aether Hunt 2 tutorial

This guide will walk you through adding players, NPCs, terrain, and basic functionality, explaining how to create a new game prototype that supports a large number of entities and is multiplayer capable. It will leverage Hadean’s unique Platform, Aether Engine and SDK.
The tutorial comes in the form of multiple step snapshots, enabling you to learn the basics and explore how to use Simulate and its packaged SDK’s key features such as physX integration, asset loader, and core components such as Connect, and managing the networking layer running on top of the distributed Hadean Platform.

Why is this important and how is this different than using any other simulation engine?

Simulate is built on top of the Hadean Platform, a distributed process management platform. When designing a simulation or game in this instance - even if developing it locally - you are, from day one, building it to scale and manage high levels of fidelity, without the need to rewrite code or manage middleware. During the the tutorial you will discover different methods of creating a game based on this principle. You will also see how the Aether Engine and SDK make it easy design large simulations without the typical headaches involved with distributed architecture, as this is automatically handled by the Hadean Platform.


Breakdown of the individual steps included within this tutorial: