Aether Engine is becoming Hadean Simulate. For now, the SDK will remain the Aether Engine SDK, containing the library files implementing the API using the aether namespace.


Hadean Simulate, referred to as Simulate in these docs, is a spatial simulation application library built on the Hadean Platform. It dynamically scales across multiple processors and physical machines, utilising more computing power as a simulation grows in complexity and size. Virtual space is mapped to "CPU space", with more cores allocated to areas with a high number of entities, or in non-entity simulations, a high compute density.
Visual representation of Simulate mapping simulated space to CPUs
Simulate manages the provision of additional computing power through the generation of additional Hadean Processes each of which will be responsible for a region of space as shown in the image above, known as a Cell Worker. Simulate manages the migration of entities between processes as well as providing mechanisms for viewing data about entities in other cells. Simulate is also able to assign computing power for logic that sits outside of a spatial region through the use of Background Workers.
Simulate's inherent scaling is only made possible by the Hadean Platform, the underlying technology responsible for managing the complexity of developing distributed systems. The Hadean Platform allows for the distribution of compute load across multiple servers and data centres providing flexible allocation or resources and reliable communication channels to be maintained. Click here for more details of the Hadean Platform.
In order to broadcast data from within a simulation built with Simulate out to connected clients Hadean also supplies another product called Connect.

Connect (previously known as Muxer)

Connect provides an intelligent networking proxy that can be used with Simulate to support connecting tens of thousands of clients into your simulation. Connect is able to consume the full state of a Simulate simulation and select only specific parts to be sent to individual clients, optimising the bandwidth required and removing connection handling workload from the simulation.
This documentation provides a guide to working with the Simulate SDK and informs best practices when using Simulate for creating simulations of unprecedented scale. Continue reading for more on the benefits of using the Hadean product set, or jump to Getting Started to begin building your first Simulate simulation
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