What you need to get started

Operating System

Linux or Windows Subsystem for Linux.

The Hadean Platform is available as a Linux binary, our instructions are based on Ubuntu and require bash and the build-essentials packages to be installed. To install these on Ubuntu, you can do:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install build-essential

Azure CLI


We recommend the one-step script described here.

Log in to your Azure account

To deploy your applications to the cloud, you must first log into the cloud provider on your machine.

az login


Rustup is a command line tool for managing Rust versions and associated tools. Install as described here.

Rust toolchain

Hadean applications need to use the same toolchain as was used to build the SDK libraries. The latest SDK release uses the nightly-2021-06-08 toolchain, which rustup can install for you:

rustup toolchain install nightly-2021-06-08

Optionally, you can set this toolchain as the default toolchain if you are going to be primarily working on Hadean applications.

rustup default nightly-2021-06-08

Alternatively, if you don't want to modify your default toolchain you can specify the toolchain to use for cargo commands when building Hadean applications:

cargo +nightly-2021-06-08 build --release