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System requirements

What you need to get started

Operating System

The Hadean Platform is available as a Linux binary. To use the platform you must be running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Focal Fossa). We've based on instructions on bash for how to get started. First, the build-essentials package need to be installed. To install these on Ubuntu, you can do:
sudo apt update
sudo apt install build-essential -y
On WSL, you also need to install fuse-overlayfs, as this package is missing in the Ubuntu 20.04 distribution found on the Microsoft Store.
sudo apt install fuse-overlayfs -y
You will need to be running Linux Kernel 5+, compiled with CONFIG_PID_NS, CONFIG_USER_NS and CONFIG_UTS_NS enabled. Notably this is not the default on WSL v1 using Ubuntu 20.04, so ensure you are using WSL v2.
You can check your kernel version by running uname -srm, and your compilation flags with gunzip /proc/config.gz | grep -E 'CONFIG_(PID|USER|UTS)_NS', if the file /proc/config.gz exists. If you have a kernel compiled with the appropriate flags, you will see output that looks like

Cloud Provider CLI

You will need to install the command line tools for the cloud provider of your choice. Please follow the installation guides for your chosen cloud provider. An outline of the steps required for each provider is given below. You only need to install the CLIs for the providers you intend to use.


If you're an AWS user, you will need to install the aws CLI v2.
To deploy your applications to the cloud, you must first log into the cloud provider on your machine.
To connect to you AWS account we use a policy, assigned through a role, to an Instance Profile, which the user then uses Pass Role to give to the scheduler.
To setup this up on AWS, make sure your AWS CLI is setup, and run the following
aws cloudformation deploy --template-file ./permissions.cloudformation.yaml --stack-name hadeanpermissions

Setup AWS Credentials

deploy.ps1 -Location <location>
Arguments: Location, the location where your resources will be deployed.
To deploy your applications to AWS, you must first configure the aws CLI and setup credentials. We recommend following AWS' documentation, but if you already know your keys or suspect you might be configured already, you can simply run the configure command:
aws configure


If you're an Azure user, you will need to install the az CLI.
We recommend the one-step script described here.
Hadean Platform currently recommends version 2.36.0 of the az CLI


To connect to your Azure account, we use User Assigned Managed Identity.
We recommend following the Linux installation steps.
To setup this up on Azure, make sure your AZ CLI is logged in, then run in PowerShell.


Rustup is a command line tool for managing Rust versions and associated tools. Install as described here.

Rust toolchain

Hadean applications need to use the same toolchain as was used to build the SDK libraries. The latest SDK release uses the nightly-2022-09-08 toolchain, which rustup can install for you:
rustup toolchain install nightly-2022-09-08
Optionally, you can set this toolchain as the default toolchain if you are going to be primarily working on Hadean applications.
rustup default nightly-2022-09-08
Alternatively, if you don't want to modify your default toolchain you can specify the toolchain to use for cargo commands when building Hadean applications:
cargo +nightly-2022-09-08 build --release