Installing the SDK
Step-by-step installation guide

Download the Hadean Platform SDK

After signing up for the Hadean Platform SDK at you'll receive an invite to download and get started. Follow the instructions in the email to download the SDK from our downloads page.

Install the SDK

The downloads page will include a one-liner installation process, which will download the SDK, expand it, and install it.
The install script will install the SDK files to your home directory and add paths to your profile. You'll be prompted to reload your profile once complete:
. ~/.profile

Login to the Hadean service

In order to use the hadean CLI, you first need to authenticate with the Hadean Platform remote service, to do this run:
hadean login
You'll be prompted to confirm that the code shown in the CLI matches that on the URL provided. Confirm this in a web browser, login to your Hadean account, then return to the CLI.
You're now ready to start deploying your applications on the Hadean Platform. Next, try building and running an example application.


When installed, the SDK files are all stored in ~/.hadean and ~/hadean which links to the SDK files. To uninstall, remove these directories and remove the setup-script from your profile:
rm -rf ~/hadean
rm -rf ~/.hadean
sed -i s'/.*HADEAN_SDK.*//' ~/.profile
Last modified 2mo ago