Building and running an example application
Get up and running with your first Hadean Platform application
The Hadean Platform SDK includes a Rust based demo named hello in the examplesdirectory. You can use this to see the process of building and running an application on the Hadean Platform.

1. Build the application binary

From the demo's directory ~/hadean/examples/rust/hello you can build the demo:
cargo build --release
Cargo will compile the project to: ./target/release/hello Remember to use cargo +nightly-2021-06-08 here if you didn't change your default toolchain.

2. Run the application

You'll need to be logged in to the Hadean service if you aren't already:
hadean login
Once you're logged in you can run the example:
hadean run ./target/release/hello
The demo application will run locally on the Hadean Platform. Continue following the documentation to learn how to run the hello demo on a remote cluster.
Last modified 2mo ago