Viewing Metrics
Each Connect node collects statistics about its current state and make them available through an HTTP Gateway.
In order to gather data from each Connect node it is necessary to contact the nodes metrics end point
The IP address for the active Connect nodes are published via the webhook interface, details of which can be found here
The metrics obtained from this end point are provided in Prometheus format to allow for easy inclusion in a Prometheus server monitoring solution, however the output data could be converted and consumed into any monitoring tool

Hadean Connect Metrics

Metric Name
Current number of authenticated clients ​
Total outgoing bandwidth to the clients (in KiBs)
Total incoming bandwidth from the clients (in KiBs)
Total number of events sent from the clients to the simulation.
The ingress bandwidth received by a muxer from workers ( in KiBs)
Uptime of muxer in seconds.

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Hadean Connect Metrics