Integration and Setup


There are three components to Hadean Connect that can be configured to define your data management policy and provide connectivity to the rest of your system
  • Connect Replication Client (RepClient)
    • This is a library supplied by Hadean that performs the handshake and data exchange with a Connect instance. It is designed to be embedded in the client application.
    • There are three variants to choose from:
      • Windows/Linux C++ Library
      • Unreal Client Plugin
      • Unity Client Plugin
  • Connect Network
    • The Connect Network comprises instances of Connect nodes distributed across cloud infrastructure deployed via the Hadean Platform SDK. It is where any interest management policy is executed (netcode).
  • Muxer Server Plugin
    • Hadean provides a library for connecting an upstream data source to a Connect cluster. The code is designed to be included in your server implementation. For example, if building a game engine in Unreal/Unity you would include this library and use the exposed API from within the game engine to expose data that you would like replicated out to clients.
    • When connecting to a Hadean Simulate based simulation it is not necessary to implement the server plugin as this is built into Simulate. You will still need to define your data protocols.
    • There are two variants to choose from:
      • Windows/Linux C++ Library
      • Unreal Windows Backend Server Plugin